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     I have always been a creative person. And a pretty good baker too!

     I started making cakes to take to my grandma's house for holidays. My first cakes were done using plain butter knives as spatulas, my mom's glass baking pans for cake pans, and baggies with little holes cut in the corner for my piping bag and tip in one.

     For Christmas a few years ago my Uncle Lupe decided it was time to get me some real tools. Thank God! He got me spatulas and a decorating kit with bags and tips. That Valentine's Day, my hubby got me an airbrush kit for my cakes. From then on, my Christmas and birthday gifts have always been cake pans and miscellaneous decorating tools.

     I worked at the Meijers Bakery for my first cake decorating gig. There I learned how to make frosting roses and borders. But that was about it. Next, I worked at Thrush's. That job was pretty much the same as Meijers. I took the Basic Cake Decorating Class at The Cake Nook. There I learned how to make my own frostings. I also learned how to make a variety of frosting flowers and borders.

     I love to make cakes for kids birthdays. The characters and colors are so fun. I enjoy knowing that my customers are very happy with the cakes I create for them.


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